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Indus Corporation is one of the reputed High Frequency spindle manufacturers, services, service providers in Chakan with an extensive range of products.

Our staff has been serving the customers since the year 2004 and use our experience and knowledge to provide the standard certified products.

We high frequency spindle service providers offer the most reliable and durable equipment that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. With a team of highly-skilled professionals, we provide the best quality equipment at affordable prices. Buy From the Latest Developed Variety of High Frequency Spindle in Chakan.

Introduction to High Frequency Spindles

High frequency spindles are the most commonly used type of spindle in the industry. It is also known as high speed industrial spindles. It is used to produce a variety of products such as wire, metal, plastic, and fiber.

These Spindles come in various types and sizes depending on the size of product being produced. The larger the diameter of product being produced, the larger and heavier duty spindle is required to do so.

What is special with us?

  • With our experience and expertise, we are the best choice for your high frequency spindle needs.
  • We have a wide range of spindles to choose from and our high frequency spindle services are unmatched.
  • Our team is always available to help you with all your needs.
  • We also provide services such as repairs, maintenance, and replacements for spindles that are not performing well or have worn out parts.

How Does High Frequency Spindle Work?

A high-speed spindle is a machine that spins at speeds of up to 60,000 revolutions per minute. This spinning head is driven by either an electric motor or an air motor.

The speed reduction in high-speed spindles can be achieved through several methods including: -

  1. Reduction gear box
  2. Reduction clutch
  3. Eccentric gear
  4. Vane and vane gear reducer


High Frequency Spindle has many benefits for industries such as: -

  • Reduced downtime, increased efficiency, and higher quality.
  • Helps in increasing the production capacity while reducing their scrap rates.
  • It also saves on costs due to the increased production rates.
  • Less energy requirements as compared to direct current drives.
  • It also uses less space due to its compact design.