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Magnet Drill Manufacturers,Services,Service Providers in Chakan

Indus Corporation is one of the leading Magnet Drill manufacturers, services, service providers in Chakan.

We offer Magnet Drills with different features, specifications, and prices. Our products are designed with high quality materials and cutting-edge technology to give our customers more value for their money.

Our magnet drill service providers also provide a range of services to our customers like after-sale service and installation service.

We also offer the innovative Magnet Drill services for our clients at the most affordable prices.


A magnet drill is a type of power tool that has a high-speed motor and rotating magnet. It draws in air from the outside, cools it down and blows it back into the room.

This tool is often used for industrial purposes, such as cooling down steel or metal products.

It also provides an easy way to cool down work spaces and areas where there are no windows or air conditioning units.

What is special with us?

  • We are the trusted Magnet Drill manufacturers having an unparalleled track record of service excellence.
  • We provide the high quality products at the affordable costs and focus on different needs of industries such as commercial use, residential use, and industrial use.
  • Our team of experts provides custom solutions that fit your budget and your business needs.
  • We also provide customer support through our 24/7 call center that is accessible by phone, email, or chat.

Different Types of Magnet Drills in the Market

1. Magnet Drills:
There are a few different types of magnetic drills that you can buy in the market. These include alligator clip, power cord, electric cord and a drill attachment.

2. Alligator Clip
It is used to attach directly to a power source like an electric drill or a battery pack. Since it has an alligator clip on it, you can easily attach it to any metal surface as well as screwdrivers and other power tools.

3. Electric Cord
It is used with an electric drill or battery pack. It has a power cord that plugs into the outlet on your wall so you do not have to worry about finding another outlet nearby while using it.

4. Drill Attachment
It is used with a drill. The drill attachment has a magnet in it, so you can use it with any metal surface or piece of metal.


The advantages of using our Magnet Drill are as follows: -

  • Can drill holes faster than a conventional drill.
  • Does not cause any damage to the surface of the metal.
  • Saves time and effort by not needing to change the battery every time.
  • Reduces noise pollution.
  • Reduces the use of power tools and fuel consumption.
  • The device can be used on uneven surfaces because it has magnetic wheels which are powered by magnets.