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Power Tools Armature Manufacturers,Services,Service Providers in Chakan

We manufacturer all type of power tools armature custom built as per available in market our armature are made of high quality lamination steel, shaft and commentator to give high reliability and durability our armature widely used in heavy fabrication industry.

Indus Corporation are the trusted power tools armature manufacturers, service providers in Chakan that specializes in providing Power Tools Armature services since the year 2004.

We offer a wide range of power tools and armature services to our clients ranging from armature design to manufacturing. Purchase From the Excellent Power Tools Armature Manufacturers, Service Providers in Chakan.

The armatures that we produce are designed by our experts having more than a decade of experience in this field so you can be assured that our products will be up to mark.

What is our specialty?

  • Low cost of service
  • High speed of service
  • Quality services
  • Technical assistance on site

What is a Power Tool Armature?

A power tool armature is an assembly that allows you to change out sanders, drill bits, and other power tools quickly and easily. It is made up of two parts: the base and the top. The base allows you to mount your power tool on it while the top provides a secure platform for your work piece. The main benefit of using this type of armature is that it allows you to use your existing tools without having to buy new ones every time you need to replace them.

Exclusive Services we Offer: -

The power tools armature service providers offer a wide range of services to our customers including: -

  • Custom Design Services: Our team of professional design engineers can create your unique design with the use of 3D printing technology.
  • OEM Services: We can manufacture your product with our own production line and pass it on to you at no extra cost.
  • After Sales Services: Our team of experienced technicians will provide excellent after sales service for all your power tools armatures.


Power tools armatures are typically divided into two types: -

  • Corded, and
  • Cordless

Corded power tools are powered by an electrical cord that is plugged in while the Cordless power tools use battery-powered motors to work.

The advantages of using corded tools armature are given as-

  • It has a longer life span than the cordless ones, as it does not need to be recharged as often.
  • These power tools armatures have more torque and power than the cordless ones.
  • It is easier to change their speed settings, as they have more speeds than the cordless ones do.